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May. 31st, 2008

Aki Biatch


[Hiatus ]

So from this Monday I'm starting my internship in a hotel's kitchen which means I don't know when I'll have time to post
It'll last 9 weeks
I'll do my best to keep posting but this is why I'll be slow
Gomen ne

Jan. 27th, 2008


Lovers in Venice[Open to Aoi]


All the months of planning, since he had asked his lover a few days after the Christmas party, he had been dreaming of this moment.  Of course, the hours of of packing, and on the plane weren't enjoyable, but the fact he was spending it with the one person who he loved most made up for all of those boring hours of work. 

Once they landed, the first thing kaoru did was stretch out his back, letting out a pleased sigh at the wonderful weather in Europe. it was mild, the perfect weather for a long walk or a day on the beach. But first they were going to find their hotel and relax. Calling a taxi, he used that English he had learned over the years of traveling with his band in his early ages to get them into town, looking out that that ocean that surrounding the city. He was sure they wouldn't have a hard time finding great food in such a city. It also didn't help that Italy was famous for having fantastic food in the first place. 

He payed the taxi driver generously before helping Aoi get both their bags and go inside and were led to their room. It was a suite, top floor with a wonderful view of the city around them. He walked in, setting his bags down and let out a pleased whistle. It was colored in blue and nutural tones, looking calm and perfect for their vacation. All the furiture was in dark wood and he followed into the bedroom area where he found a king size bed with a beautfiul view of the balcony. 

"Its nice, ne?" he smiled back to Aoi before going over to the bed and laying back, sighing as all the tension of the plane ride escaping him as he enjoyed that soft mattress under his back.  Yes, he was happy to be away from everything.

But more so, he was happy to be here with the most imporant thing to him in the world; his lover and his prince, Aoi.  

Dec. 6th, 2007


Christmas Gift (Aki and Intetsu)

Reaching his room, Intetsu lightly placed Aki back on the ground, searching for his keys. "You know it's a six string bass right?" Finding his keys he inserts them into the door and unlocks it, opening the door to his room which currently smelled like cookies from a scented candle.

Grabbing Aki's hand he guides him inside, turning on the lights. He knew Aki couldn't have seen the bass earlier for he kept the room with it in it locked. Releasing Aki's hand he searches for a key. Unlocking that door with a special key he opens it walking inside. Looking back he noticed Aki wasn't coming in. "You coming or am I going to have to play it myself?"

Taking it off the stand he plugs the bass in. This bass was his baby.

Aug. 28th, 2007



"I remember where it all started. . . . ." Kyo said while sitting in his living room with a glass of wine between his fingers.

~Back in High school~

"HEY!!! You can't kick me out like that!!" Kyo yelled at the top of his lungs while a HUGE bouncer threw him out of the casino. Obviously because he was under 18. . . .

"Go back to school kid. . . ."The big bouncer said in a rough voice and then walked inside the casino once again.

Aoi had placed his hand on his mouth, muffling the vane words that where to come next. . . .

"HEY! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!??! HOW DARE YOU KICK ME OUT LIKE THAT!!" Kyo once again yelled at the top of his lungs at the Big Massager who just kicked him out.

"I do! You are a spoiled brat trying to get a free massage! Oh and, just daring!" Said the young man going through the crystal doors.

"You'll see! Ill have the best spa ever!!"

"Keep telling that to yourself Kyo" Said Aoi in a mocking tone.

*!~In College~!*

"I will not accept this! I am the garden genius! How can they do that to me! I AM 'THE' GARDENER"

"Yeah, keep telling that to yourself Aoi!" Kyo said imitating Aoi's comment from back in high school.

"Shut up! I will have the garden of the millennium!" Aoi screamed stomping his way to the next classroom.

* * * * * * *The Present* * * * * * *

"I can't believe it all started like that. . . .By getting kicked out of everywhere. It was so fun! But look at us now! Opening our own business, and at the same time we kept all our promises. . . . ."